The new MTU-RT is a MT AMT system acquisition from Phoenix Geophysics Ltd

MTU-RT Is the new Phoenix Geophysics MT-AMT system

Your data is at your fingertips

Wherever you are

Whenever you want

  • Simultaneous, real time AMT and MT
  • GSM, 3G/4G, LAN, SATELLITE access
  • Real time access to data from anywhere
  • Remote control, Remote QA/QC
  • Autonomous operation
  • Powered by Solar

System advantages overview

Simultaneous Broadband MT (AMT + MT)
24,000 Hz, 2,400 Hz, 150 Hz continuous programmable sampling rates
User-friendly, easy operations, one on/off button
In field receiver and sensors calibrations
In field receiver programming and diagnostics
In office receiver and sensor calibrations
In office receiver programming (setup) and diagnostics
Download Time Series without interrupting power
Visualize Time Series from the office without interrupting power
In office process Time Series with or without downloading Time Series
In office control of the system, inspect calibrations, change acquisition parameters on the fly